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Since 2002, we have constructed and operated our own network of successful adventure parks and nature attractions in Canada, and have shared our knowledge by building adventure parks for a long list of owner-operators around the world.

We have a passion for creating lasting memories through imaginative and exciting outdoor experiences. Our physical and life-changing personal growth activities offer healthy excitement for families, adults and kids looking to push their limits.

We help resorts, national, provincial and state parks, conservation authorities, city event planners, private landowners and others to custom design, build and maintain the highest quality adventure-at-heights projects.

As North America’s leader in zipline and aerial game parks and unique forest adventures, we continually improve the quality of our experiences and raise the standards for safety and staff training. Providing adventurous people with new and exciting ways to experience nature is how we bring everyone closer together.


Stéphane Vachon

Founder and general manager of The Trekking Group and Treetop Trekking, Stéphane applies vision to challenge the status quo with innovative adventure-at-heights concepts. This former Université de Montréal professor and accomplished entrepreneur has built and operated dozens of aerial adventure parks in Canada. Today, he devotes his time to staying ahead of the trends and building the most innovative adventure-at-heights experiences for clients around the world.

“I lead this very special and fun vessel with a passionate outdoorsy team that strives to help clients, employees and partners surpass themselves.”

Yannick Berger-Sabatel

The son of a mountain guide, Yannick has been building Via Ferrata, ziplines and platforms at heights for more than 20 years, starting when he was 15. At age 21, he managed the audacious urban project on China’s Macau. Today, as our technical director, he manages the team that builds facilities for The Trekking Group’s numerous projects, applying his deep experience and know-how to assure success for our clients.

“After designing and building dozens of urban adventures and other tourist installations, my passion for developing adventure-at-heights projects across the globe continues to grow!”

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