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Macau Tower Skywalk, Macau, China

Urban Aerial Adventures


Conquer the urban jungle from above!

What we do

We are one of North America’s most experienced builders of aerial adventures. With knowledge and firsthand experience, we assure your urban adventure is innovative, easy to operate and unforgettable for visitors.

Opportunities include city tower climbs, scaling the side of a bridge, ziplining between buildings, or setting
up an entire urban adventure park. We’ve done it all. There’s a building, structure or space in your city that’s
destined to become a major tourist attraction !

Benefits include

Safe adventures accessible by thousands of visitors


Safety assured with a state-of-the-art continuous lifeline system


Industry-leading personal protective equipment


Our portfolio

BFLY Indoor Aerial Park

Montreal, QC, Canada


Discover the project

Buffalo, NY, USA


Discover the project
Macau Tower Skywalk

Macau, China


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