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Paracabout, Monnetier-Mornex, France

Wondernet Adventure


Defying gravity while walking on air!

What we do

Imagine a huge net complex secured to trees, rocks or buildings, where everyone can explore and play freely without a harness. Customized modules can include massive net trampolines, walkways, tunnels, slides and rope ladders. Our structures are designed to fascinate adults and children, challenge minds, stimulate continuous movement and develop problem-solving skills.

Developed in France, the unique netting fiber gives the structures extraordinary strength and requires next to no maintenance. It’s an amazing experience feeling the sensation of walking without gravity !

The Trekking Group is the exclusive North American distributor of Wondernet parks, the pioneer and industry leader in this field.

Benefits include

Customized modules for one-of-a-kind structures


No need for harnesses or helmets


Initial investment is reduced

Low cost

Our portfolio

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